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Esther Passaris bashed for donating sanitary pads branded with her photo

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has been bashed for donating sanitary pads with her pictures plastered on them.

Passaris posted on her social media pages the packets of sanitary pads she was donating to Nairobi students.

“900 cartons of quality menstrual hygiene products dispatched today so that our girls in Nairobi County can experience their menstruation in dignity and free of shame. No one should choose between a sanitary pad or meal. #TwendeKazike,” she wrote.

She handed the donation to the Kenya Red Cross for distribution. She later said that the donation was made by the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) which falls under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs and the Chinese embassy.

Many netizens wondered why the Woman Rep branded the sanitary pads with her pictures.

Sital Chandaria wrote, “It’s donated thru yr office, not by u….why your pic…yr position is temporary, but the donation should not be associated with u but yr office…next time think long term.”

Mayodi_H commented, ” what was the cost of the branding? Certainly, it would have added an extra carton or so… but since you are headless, we move…..”

Teve posted, “The money you used on branding could have been used to buy more pads. What happens after you are no longer in office? the noble project dies? Think sustainability.”

“Nice gesture but did you have to print all the pads? Stop playing PR stunts with vulnerable Kenyans. If you want to help, help ppl out without such f****ry,” wrote Deejay Sylar.

“Tenda wema nenda zako. Must you include your picture on the sanitary pads?” said Otieno Oloo.

Ericko bara posted, “Must you put your picture on them ,,this is hypocrisy of the highest order.”

Maigua Steve commented, “Lazima ungeeka picha yako hapo @EstherPassaris. Huezi kufa, billionaire @JackMa hakubrand mask na hakukufa. It’s your job to do what you did, not a favor. May you see this and probably block me. Smh!”