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Ezekiel Mutua launches crackdown on matatus that air pornographic content

By Amina Wako February 3rd, 2020 2 min read

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has warned Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators against exposing children to content that he termed as “pornography.”

Dr Mutua, who was speaking during a press conference at the KFCB boardroom on Monday, said posters and graffiti will henceforth not be put up for display in PSVs without undergoing vetting by the board.

“The stories of agony told by passengers in PSVs are very disturbing. The display, exhibition or playing of pornographic content, loud music and foul language used on passengers presents an image of a public transport sector gone rogue,” Mutua said.

“Some matatus have become cinema theatres for offensive content and are destroying the youths, especially students. Some students leave home and roam around in these vehicles the whole day. #KFCBPSVsCrackdown,” he added.

Multiple screens attached in the interior of a matatu in one Nairobi route. FILE PHOTO | NATION
Multiple screens attached in the interior of a matatu in one Nairobi route. FILE PHOTO | NATION

According to the self-styled moral cop, matatus that have been fitted with screens will have to obtain licenses at Sh 2,000 per year as they are considered film exhibitors.

Dr Mutua said he is working with the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai in implementing the orders.

“Every content aired in PSVs has to be rated General Exhibition (GE)… not showcase nudity or obscenity. From tomorrow all corners of the country will have police in place to crack down the uncomplying vehicles,” he said.

Sacco managers, drivers, and conductors of the vehicle found violating these rules will be liable to a fine of Sh 100,000 or a five-year jail term, or both.

“We appeal to members of the public to report the above by giving the number plate, route of the matatu, the sacco and if possible evidence of the clip that was aired…you will be treated with confidentiality and protected by KFCB,” he stated.

In 2018, the KFCB board launched a crackdown on rogue matatus playing foul content but some vehicles did not adhere to the orders.