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Florida Nightclub to open state-of-the-art strip club

Kenya’s most iconic entertainment spot, the Florida Nightclub is set to open a state-of-the-art strip club in Nairobi.

The nightclub has experienced turbulent times in the past two years following the loss of their landmark ‘Mad House’ location to a developer and Florida 2000 (F2) next to Kenya Cinema.

Philip Etiang, the entertainment manager of Florida, told Nairobi News the new club, now only known as Florida Nightclub, which is located along Banda Street, off Koinange Street in Nairobi will in the coming month have one of the best strips clubs in the city.

“We will have the hottest and most talented local ladies who will entertain patrons in our private VIP dance rooms,” Mr Etiang said.


However, he hastened to add that the strip club will only admit adults and that there is no cause for alarm as discretion and privacy of the patrons will be paramount. Patrons will also not be allowed to take photos or videos while inside the strip club.

Mad House, one of Nairobi’s iconic club, was brought down in January 2015 after 35 years of existence.

A spot check by Nairobi News on the location revealed that the nightclub, which has a dance floor, has been spruced up and fitted with new seats and lighting system. It also has VIP lounge that didn’t exist in the old club.

The manager also said that they have introduced a Reggae night every Wednesday while Friday evenings have now been dubbed Rhumba night. On Madaraka Day the club will treat soul lovers to a special night with DJ Sule behind the wheels.