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Google releases data-saving search app for mobiles

Technology giant Google has released a lighter version of its search app that uses less data and memory space on mobile phones.

The new Google Go will allow users to search and see their favourite news sites and apps from a single location on their devices.

Taking up less than 5 MB, the app is quick to download without using much data, and takes up minimal space on users’ phones.

The app algorithm uses up to 40 per cent less data to display search results.


Search results are also cached on the device, enabling Internet users to quickly re-access previous searches, even when offline, without incurring further data costs.

“Users come to us to experience the web and access accurate information quickly. Unfortunately they cannot always decide on the type of device they have, or the kind of connection they are on,” said Charles Murito, Google country manager, Kenya.

To localise the app, the tech company has included Kiswahili voice search option that recognises not only words in the language but also Kenyan accents.

“Google Go offers an easy way for users to specify an additional language for search and switch easily between English and Kiswahili,” said Mr Murito.

“We have been using machine learning to consistently increase accuracy levels of language in Kenya,” he added.

According to Google, the application can be downloaded by all android users, especially those who prefer quicker and ‘lighter’ apps to save on memory and data.