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Governor Kidero declares war on Osama the bedbug

Governor Evans Kidero’s government has declared war on the infestation of bedbugs, which residents in Kayole estate have christened as Osama.

The bedbugs have invaded the populous estate and are said to be spreading to other areas in Eastlands through public transport and people who are moving houses.

As part of its wars trategy , the county government is considering to conduct random inspections on public transport in Eastlands to hunt and exterminate the bedbugs.

The governor, through his county chief health officer Robert Ayisi, has already deployed armies of pest control personnel to spray affected  areas including Kayole, Bahati, Makongeni and Umoja.


“Bedbug is a sign of poor hygiene… If matatus have bedbugs, it means the owners are not doing it (cleaning) well. So we may take our teams to go and stop matatus to see if they are infected with bedbugs,” said Mr Ayisi.

Residents in Kayole have deserted their beds in favour of their floor to avoid the endless bites of the bug that prefers to feed exclusively on human blood.

Bedbugs are mainly active at night. A single pregnant bedbug can be responsible for an entire infestation over a matter of weeks.

Mr Ayisi said they will continue surveillance on the pest to stop it from spreading to other estates.

“I have laready talked to the area pest control officer there (Kayole). Already persicides have been taken to that area for fogging. There is nothing we are leaving to chance.