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Grand Mullah hard tackled for playing self-righteous on Twitter

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 8th, 2018 1 min read

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi was on Wednesday put to his place on Twitter after he attempted to distance  himself from the rot in the capital city.

The Grand Mullah, during a taxi ride in Industrial Area, had tweeted about the squalor of the area which he described as ‘dead and broken.’

In his tweet, the lawyer narrated how he had even confused the Nairobi River for sewage.

“Drove through industrial area today after along,long, long time…broken infrastructure, non-existent drainage, dilapidated factories, many hawkers, closed factories… looked a desolate village in America during the great depression… manufacturing is agenda 4…give me a break!!!” read the tweet.

“While driving through industrial area I pointed to what I thought was sewage…my taxi driver corrected me….that is what is left of Nairobi River,” he added.

Kenyans on Twitter did not spare the lawyer, many accusing him of being part of the problem.


Here are other reactions.

Mahatma Gandhi‏ @SangGideons; “So you’ve just been within CBD and supporting Jubilee? And never been to outskirts of Nairobi?”

Duncan‏ @duncans_twitt; ” They are clueless. Almost all don’t know what goes on beyond Moi Avenue. Don’t even know that poor citizens walk to work in the rain for kilometers and back. Don’t know in the rural areas folks sleep by 8PM. The fraudulent system works for them only.”

WaNduta‏ @WaNduta8; “So, you expect expect agenda 4 to happen overnight? Even your camels take time to grow & mature; before you can milk them. Govt is supposed to create an enabling environment; so that citizens can invest in manufacturing. Why bother, if one can make millions, selling air to govts?

We The People‏ @WeThePeopleKE1; “Look who is tweeting! The same person who also shat on himself defending the duo at the Subrim Goat.”