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Honest matatu conductor rewarded with diploma course, but struggles with time for studies

By EVELYNE MUSAMBI September 19th, 2018 2 min read

A matatu conductor who won hearts after returning Sh30,000 belonging to a commuter is set to start classes for a diploma course this month.

Daniel Mwaura has been admitted to pursue a Diploma in Information Technology at Mount Kenya University.

His tuition fees has been paid in full by comedian Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill, who was impressed by the conductor’s honest act that was first reported by Nairobi News.

Mwaura dropped out of college during his second year due to lack of fees. But his act of honesty motivated Kenyans of goodwill to send over Sh140,000, together with a pledge by Churchill to pay for his college.


Mwaura was initially a student at Technical University of Kenya, formerly Kenya Polytechnic, where he dropped out. He failed to secure a readmission because the institution’s has no part-time programme for his diploma course.

“I found that they only offer IT full time and since I still have to work during the day to provide for my family I sought admission at MKU,” he explained to Nairobi News.

Mwaura is now scheduled to start classes with the September intake, but he first need to convinces his employer Ganaki Sacco to allow him to leave work earlier.

An initial attempt failed to get him flexible working hours that could see him to leave at 5:30pm to attend evening classes.

Ganaki Sacco management, in their defense, said the work hours are discussed by the matatu owners and the crew.

An administrator who talked to Nairobi News explained that the sacco does not own matatus, adding that it is members who determine work hours for the crew.


“We wish we had our own matatus to give him and advance the flexible work hours. We however have an opening in the administration which he has applied for and so it will be upon the interview panel to decide if he is qualified for the job.

“If qualified this will give him an opportunity to pursue his studies as our office hours are until 4:30pm,” the administrator explained.

Mwaura hopes to impress the panel and secure the administrative position in order to pursue his studies part time.

His kind act was lauded widely by Kenyans who donated money for him and his then expectant wife who later delivered free of charge at Nairobi Hospital.