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How ‘suspect strangled, murdered five minors’

An Eldoret court has heard how Evans Juma Wanjala, a self-confessed serial killer, defiled and strangled one of five minors he is alleged to have murdered at Moi’s Bridge in Uasin Gishu County in 2019.

While testifying before Justice Reuben Nyakundi, the minor’s mother, Sharon Sakwa, narrated her shock when the mutilated body of her daughter aged seven years was discovered along a railway line in Soweto area of Moi’s Bridge township.

Ms Sakwa told the court the state of the body clearly indicated the minor was defiled before being strangled by her tormentor.

“It was on December 31, 2019, I sent my daughter to a nearby shop at around 6pm, she took so long before coming back. I got scared and started looking for my daughter in vain. The following morning her mutilated body was discovered along the railway line with signs of defilement and strangulation,” Ms Sakwa told the court amidst sobbing tears.

Ms Sakwa had reported the incident at Moi’s Bridge police station the previous day.

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Upon his arrest on 17 July 2017, Mr Wanjala confessed to murdering five young girls after assaulting and defiling them.

According to his statement available in court, Mr Wanjala revealed to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives that he carried out the heinous murders between December 31, 2019, and June 15, 2021- defiled his victims before strangling them to death.

According to DCI detectives, the accused allegedly lured the minors from various locations within Moi’s Bridge in Uasin-Gishu county, before transporting them to secluded areas where he defiled and strangled them.

In a chilling confession given to detectives during a re-enactment of how he carried out his heinous missions, the killer detailed how he took the lives of five minors after defiling them.

During investigations, he also led detectives to the locations of each of his murders, where the charred remains of the murdered minors were recovered.

“In one such case, the decomposing body of a minor was discovered on June 15, 2021, near Baharini Dam, after she had gone missing for more than a week.

All five bodies had similar signs of strangulation, defilement, and visible physical injuries.

Already four witnesses have testified in the case where Mr Wanjala is accused of killing Stacy Achieng Nabiso.

The particulars of the charge sheet state that on the night of December 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020 in Soweto area within Moi’s Bridge town within Soy Sub County he murdered Stacy Achieng Nabiso.

State counsel Mike Mogun said that the prosecution intends to present more than five witnesses in the case.

Mr Mogun said the prosecution has a watertight case against the accused which includes recording of his own confession during his arrest.

“We have a strong case against the accused. We hope to use the recording about his own confession about the murder of the minors,” said Mr Mogun.

The remaining five witnesses are expected to testify on November 21 when the hearing will continue.