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How Wamuchomba kicked Moses Kuria out of her event

A video has emerged of Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba telling off Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria for attempting to ruin her meeting.

Addressing Kuria in Kikuyu, Wamuchomba stood her ground while asking the former to go and convene a meeting of his own elsewhere.

“You will not ruin my meeting. This meeting is mine and you will not ruin it. I am a woman and I would not want to be harassed by men. If you want to have a meeting call people… today is Wamuchomba’s day,” she charged.

Mr Kuria, who was walking past Wamuchomba, stopped briefly, waved at the crowd, spoke inaudibly and left.

Mr Kuria, who is running for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat, claimed via Facebook that Ms Wamuchomba sent him away from a Kenya Kwanza meeting.

“Gathoni Wamuchomba and UDA for chasing me from a Kenya Kwanza meeting, I forgive you. For your information we will win the presidential election but not yet,” his post read.

Last month, Kuria and former Kiambu governor William Kabogo, who is seeking recapture the seat loudly protested unfair treatment within the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and even announced that they had pulled out of William Ruto’s campaign.

“Following the unfortunate incident of June 15, the Tujibebe Wakenya party and Chama Cha Kazi parties have decided to pull out of the UDA caravans as they are clearly set up to embarrass other parties and demonise the Kenya Kwanza Alliance as a coalition,” the two leaders said in a jointly signed letter.

The two leaders alleged that there was a plot by the UDA Party to lock out fringe parties from the Mt Kenya region in its bid to exert authority and control over the region.