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Jeridah Andayi on going viral and sharing family moments online

Navigating the balance between personal privacy and public exposure can be a daunting task, especially for those in the spotlight.

Nairobi News has the privilege of speaking to renowned radio presenter Jeridah Andayi, who graciously shares insights into her experience as a celebrity parent who invites her audience into the intimate moments of her family life.

From discussing the motivations behind sharing personal aspects online, to dealing with sudden attention and shielding her children from negativity, Jeridah offers valuable perspectives on maintaining a positive online presence while protecting her family’s well-being.

Join us as we delve into Jeridah’s journey of balancing fame and family in the digital age, against the backdrop of Meta’s commitment to online safety with the recent launch of its Family Centre and Education Hub in Kenya, which features over 30 tools and features designed to support the safety of teens and families online.

As a celebrity parent sharing glimpses of your children online, what motivated you to bring your audience into this personal aspect of your life?

I’m a public figure. I’d like my children to fully embrace that so that they understand the responsibility, assumptions and prejudices and all else that comes with being in the public eye every day. Plus for me, it’s too much work trying to shield your children from the limelight when you live in the limelight. I might as well create a space for them.

Going viral can be overwhelming. How do you navigate the sudden attention, and how does it impact your family dynamic?

My son once created a video on cheating in exams. It went viral and was discussed for all the bad reasons.

Dealing with cyberbullies and trolls is unfortunately a common experience. How do you shield your children from negativity while continuing to share your family’s journey?

I remind them every day to know who they are before they let someone else define them. They have the best support at home. I believe that helps them brush over the negativity. I limit their access to comments on posts. Often, their interaction with videos ends immediately after the camera is turned off. I talk to them a lot about being in the public eye, being judged, being perceived a certain way and all else that they need to remain grounded.

In a world where online platforms can sometimes be harsh, how do you maintain a positive worldview and encourage a supportive online community for your followers?

I respect my online family. I believe the majority of people who follow my online brand genuinely love the brand. I focus on that.

Addiction to social media is a concern for many parents. How do you establish healthy boundaries for yourself and your family to avoid the pitfalls of excessive screen time?

My teenage daughter has a screen time management tool for Instagram especially where she spends most of her online time. She is allowed a specific time online with break reminders in between. She also has house chores she has to perform. She also loves the outdoors with her friends more than staying in. In fact my fight with her is always why I can’t get her on the phone when I call her because half the time her phone is away from her.

Recognizing the potential dangers online, how do you educate your children about the importance of privacy and the potential risks associated with sharing personal moments on social media?

I talk to them about what they can share. I also share on their behalf just to be sure. They also are aware of what information can be shared publicly and what information should never leave them. Things like phone numbers, location, and identities of people close to them are not open to sharing unless authorised.

With societal pressures on self-image, especially in the online realm, how do you instil confidence and a positive self-image in your children while navigating the world of filters and curated content?

My online content is as organic as can be. No preps, no filters, no scripts. If you walked into our space you’d find the same people you see online. This way, my children don’t need to act out. It asserts to them that they are complete as they are; looks, dressing and all.

What advice do you have for fellow parents who may be contemplating sharing their family life on social media, considering the potential pitfalls and challenges that come with it?

This is a personal choice. For me, it may be different because I have been in the public eye for years through radio. For someone who has never been in the public eye, it is best to start small. Think of why you want to throw yourself to the public, what do you want to share, and what impact you want to create. Remember that as much as we share our lives online, we only share what we want others to see. There’s a whole lot more that we don’t share. That part; unseen to the public is what makes us who we are.

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