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Jubilee now takes up ‘Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite’ as its campaign song – VIDEO

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign strategists have adopted the hit song ‘Yaliyo ndwele sipite‘ as a campaign song to woo the Ukambani vote bloc.

The song by comedian MC Njagi was derived from Wavinya Ndeti’s goof of a common Swahili proverb. It has now been remixed and incorporated into the Jubilee campaigns.

The remixed version seeks to persuade the Kamba community to vote for Jubilee party.


In the remix, Njagi claims the Kamba community sees no benefit in opposition and has changed its mind to team up with the Jubilee government.

The comedian fuses previous Jubilee campaigns clips with a video of himself donning party branded merchandise while dancing to the tune.

The remix is now being used by Jubilee bloggers, Dennis Itumbi and Robert Alai to further woo the Kamba voters.

The original ‘Yaliyo ndwele sipite’ hit was produced under a low budget featuring a shoot at an apartment’s roof top, synonymous with MC Njagi’s first viral hit Tilambu which was just shot in his house.