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Juja MCA lying over abduction, says varsity

March 31st, 2015 2 min read

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has dismissed claims by Juja MCA Samuel Gitau his opposition to a hostel project at the institution was the reason for his abduction.

The university has described the allegations as far-fetched and is now threatening legal action against the MCA.

“The allegations are grave and highly criminal meant to injure the reputation of the university and disfranchise our stakeholders. We are consulting for legal redress,” the university said in a statement signed the head of communications Hinzano Ngonyo.


“We also urge the relevant state agencies to investigate the matter to unearth the truth as the management feels slighted to be implicated in the MCAs diversionary campaigns that are clearly misplaced and unfounded,” Dr Ngonyo said.

“JKUAT should not be dragged into political squabbles. Projects at the university are not privately owned but public utilities approved by the Ministry of Education and financed by the National Treasury.”

“All the projects follow due process. Any project a public institution undertakes is carried out on behalf of the government, for public interest and individual gain.”

Mr Gitau has been quoted in the media blaming his eight-day ordeal on his opposition to construction of the hostels.

He said that prior to his abduction, he was approached by a man who claimed to be an official from JKUAT who wanted to discuss the project which the MCA said he insisted that he was still opposed to it.

The MCA claimed he suffered because of his fight for JKUAT “oppressed workers”.


The university also wants the MCA to come clean on allegations that he is being fought for refusing to take a bribe.

“It is highly regrettable for the MCA to claim that he was being fought for refusing to be bribed. We are not aware of the bribery allegations. He should table evidence to support his claims,” Dr Ngonyo added.

He also accused the MCA of venturing into a trade union territory by interfering with the issue of workers.

“The issue of workers is being handled by respective unions,” Dr Ngoyo added.