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Karen Kaz ‘taken’

Love appears to be in the air this festive season after singer Karen Lucas popularly known as Kaz became the latest celebrity to publicly reveal the love of her life.

Karen shared a picture of her partner on Instagram attached with a love message to her.

The woman uses the name Magic Dyke on Instagram.

“All the words from all the love songs culminated still don’t express how deeply I feel. “You’d be like heaven to touch” and “Fate may have brought us together but we chose to stay” are merely borrowed words that depict a fraction of my truth.
With you I feel safe, with you (and a few others ?) is where my heart belongs. I am home. Love resides here. To a lifetime together ❤️ I love you @majic.dyke,” wrote Kaz.

Majic reciprocated her affections with a romantic message of her own showering Kaz with loving words.

“For letting me in, For trusting me with your raw emotions, For reflecting a light so bright, it melts away the insecurities within
For holding me in the warmth of your love, For sharing pieces of yourself with me, For dreaming with me
creating with me, and growing with me, How blessed am I to have life partners that see me, hear me, and understand me,” said Magic Dyke.

“The sacred bond we share defies the distance that stands in between us You have a home in my heart, mind, and soul I love the way you love me, I love you, I love us. Consider this my digital love letter to you ??,” she added.