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Karua defends Passaris’ ‘indecent’ dressing, but KOT having none of it

Besieged Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has found herself in the eye of yet another storm, this time over her perceived ‘indecent’ dressing.

Not even the spirited efforts of former Member of Parliament for Gichugu, Martha Karua, have provided enough cover for Passaris from a vicious online assault over her dressing.

It all started when Twitter user by the name Michael Wamunyinyi questioned the Woman Rep’s integrity by sharing a photo of Passaris dressed in a see-through dress during a past event. The tweep went as far as challenging Passaris to respond to the photo.

Passaris took up the challenge and responded by stating that the dress was a gift from her husband, adding that she had no apologies to make for wearing it.

“My husband bought me that dress and I have no apologies when I wear it. #MyDressMyChoice,” Passaris wrote.

The thread elicited varied comments from the online community with Karua also jumping in to defend Passaris.

But some still thought Karua was backing the wrong person.

“Hon Martha Karua, integrity can never be clothes but your dress code tells a lot about your morals. I dare you to dress like Passaris. This is indecent. Her husband gifted her for his good and obvious reason. Madam Women rep dress appropriately for public interest,” one James Kisyula said.

To this Karua responded by saying: “Appropriate according to who? Lay off attempts to control women or their bodies.”

But the debate wouldn’t just end there.

“At least for an elected leader….it is an honourable office for heaven’s sake!” Hudson Collins wrote.


“Integrity isn’t clothes but in our African context the clad speaks a lot about character,” Peter Kariuki tweeted.

“That’s not integrity at all let her wear the dress for him at their bedroom and not show the whole world her nakedness… shame on her… ” Githenya D said.

“The husband bought the right thing to be worn at the right place. You can’t fake integrity any more than you can fake a good meal,” Simeom Mosirigwa commented.

”Yes to some extent, Integrity can be seen in the clothes one chooses to wear. A person of high integrity alludes to a person of high moral values who would not wear see through clothes away from the confines of their bedroom,” Jay Juma wrote.