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Kenya establishes two coronavirus testing centres, calls for vigilance

By Amina Wako February 15th, 2020 1 min read

Kenya has now established two laboratories to test potential cases of the fast spreading coronavirus christened COVID-19.

One of the testing centers has been set up at the National Influenza Centre and the other at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

In a statement announcing the move, the Ministry of health on Friday urged Kenyans to remain on high alert even though no case of coronavirus has been reported in the country even since it broke out in Wuhan province of China.

Those who visited China recently and are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing and sneezing have been asked to go for tests at the nearest facility.

“We are advising Kenyans from non- essential travel to affected countries,” the government advised.

Kenyans were urged to maintain basic hands and respiratory hygiene as well as safe food hadling practices.

“Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections,” read the presser.

The coronavirus was first recorded in December last year in Wuhan, China and the few cases reported in Kenya that caused public anxiety turned out negative.

“However, continued surveillance, monitoring, and screening have been heightened at all points of entry, in all health facilities and communities,” part of the statement read.

According to Worldometer, 64,467 confirmed cases of the coronavirus had by Friday been reported globally, as the death toll stood at 1,384, while those who have recovered are 7,128.

The majority of those affected are from mainland China where the disease was first reported befor its fast spread.