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Khaligraph’s newly released ‘Khali Cartel 3’ lives up to all the hype – VIDEO

For the last two days, rapper Khaligraph Jones latest jam Khali Cartel 3 has been trending at number one on YouTube (Kenya) since its release five days ago.

By Wednesday this week, the cypher had already raked up over 813,000 views on YouTube, closing on Khali Cartel 2 released nine months ago that has 849,000 views.


Suffice to say, Khali Cartel 3 has already surpassed Khali Cartel 1, 809,000 views released a year ago. It’s just a matter of time before Khali Cartel 3 hits the one million mark.

Indeed the cypher has lived to its hype and to say the 10 minute Khali Cartel 3, is good, would be an understatement as this new jam is off the charts.

The whole idea since the first sequel is to bring little known rappers, the established ones and the fast-rising into one beat to demonstrate their prowess in spitting out bars.

The concept on Khali Cartel 3 video is so far the best we have seen from the sequel.

The court setup was a well-thought out concept where Khaligraph plays the prosecutor, his elder brother Lamaz Span K.O.B, a rapper in his own right, the judge, and the other rappers, the witness called on stand to testify.


The issues being addressed on the floor of the court touches on upcoming talented artistes not getting airplay, people not taking note of good music and street life.

First to take the stand is the fast rising versatile singer and rapper Bey T known for her Wololo jam. Bey T showcases her lyrical prowess as she tackles the PlayKe Music conversation and also takes a dig at Tanasha Donna whom they are beefing with.

As she exits, little known Breeder LW takes the space and tries to make an impression with his Swahili rap but fails to impress as much.

Next on, comes the punch-line queen from Nakuru aka Silverstone Barz who delivers some killer bars and flow.


She goes further to spice the cypher with a gangster stunt as she pauses for a puff of weed, lighting it up on the stands forcing the judge to intervene with the prosecutor apologizing.

Some quarters have however faulted her for being a Nicki Minaj wanabe.

Then comes Rekles known for his hooks, on Ethic jams. He is indeed the favorite of many as he colorfully plays with sheng words as he addresses corruption and ghetto life.

Legendary Chiwawa is the last to take to the stand and his effort to impress fails, as he appears rusty and more of a shadow to his past.

On this track, Khaligraph Jones, is the glue that binds the pieces together. From the introduction to the transitions from one rapper to another, his flow is smooth and punchy.