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Kiambu County looking for composers of anthem, designers of flag, Coat of Arms

Kiambu County is looking for persons interested in composing an Anthem that would be used by the County government as its official song.

In a notice that appeared in the Daily Nation newspaper on Friday the participants are also invited to bring in ideas on designing the county flag and also designing the county Coat of Arms.

Winners of the different categorise of the competition will be awarded sh50,000 for the county flag, sh50,000 for the Coat of Arms and sh100,000 for the county anthem.

Entries should be subsmitted by the 31st of august.

“Guided by the spirit of devolution and the love for our beloved County of Kiambu, the residents of Kiambu county are invited to participate in a competition for purposes of developing the Kiambu county flag, anthem and Coat of arms, there is no prescribed age limit for this competition,” read part of the notice.


Eligible participants must however be residents of Kiambu County and the entry/entries must not be similar to either the national or county’s flag, coat of arms or anthem.

Also the entry for the anthem composition to be submitted in both soft (mp3) and written words, and the participant must give a brief explanation in either English or Kiswahili language the meaning of or the reasons for choosing a particular symbol, colour or song composition.

If the county is successful they would become the first county out of the 47 to have a local government anthem.

In 2017 Kakamega County Assembly become the first regional House to pass a Bill that allows it to have an anthem.

Kakamega County Flag, Emblems and Names (Amendment) Bill 2017, sponsored by the executive, will enable the county to include the anthem in its instruments of power.