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King Kaka opens up about his strained relationship with his father

Rapper King Kaka has opened up about his journey to forgiving his late father.

Reflecting on his childhood, Kaka acknowledged the pain and bitterness that came from witnessing domestic violence.

“When my dad died when I was in grade 7, I held a grudge because I witnessed him abusing my mom, which led to their separation,” King Kaka said in a recent Oga Obinna Show.

He added, “I carried that bitterness towards my father. When I became King Kaka, one of my goals was to forgive him. That led me to create the song ‘Papa’.”

“I went to my mother and told her that I had forgiven my father and that I wished he was here because we grew up poor. Now if my mum wants something, she can have it”.

Here are other Kenyan celebrities who have opened up about their relationships with their parents.

Oga Obinna, a content creator and comedian, opened up about his estranged relationship with his father during his stint as a radio host on Kiss FM back in March 2023. While describing a close relationship with his mother, he revealed that he had not spoken to his father for a long time.

The mother of blogger Xtian Dela, Reverend Margaret Nyongesa, publicly expressed her longing to see her son, in March 2023, claiming that she had not had contact with him for four years. She pleaded for information about his whereabouts and mentioned that he had blocked her. In response, Dela confirmed his mother’s allegations, but revealed that he had been facing personal problems. To date they have never reconciled or addressed the issue publicly.

Silas Miami, the son of renowned journalist Louis Otieno, made headlines when he refused to visit his ailing mother, accusing her of abuse.

Miami took to social media to air his grievances, highlighting their strained relationship and expressing his frustration at her refusal to acknowledge her actions.

And Andrew Kibe once expressed his desire to find out if the man he called his father was in fact his biological father.

In June 2023, Kibe opened up about his complicated relationship with his father and expressed his intention to convince him to take a DNA test once he returned to Kenya.

During the live online show, Kibe shared his plans, stating:

“I am thinking very seriously about taking a DNA test on myself and my dad to shock my mum even more. When I land in Kenya, the first thing I’m going to do is get a DNA test of my dad and myself,” he said.

Kibe’s decision to seek a paternity test stems from what he said was his strained relationship with his father, which he says has lasted many years.