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Why KNH will be hardest hit by Trump’s suspension of healthcare aid

Patients seeking treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital are likely to be the hardest hit by the US government’s suspension of aid to the health ministry, a USAid sponsored Foundation Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) has said.

US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec on Tuesday announced that his government had suspended release of Sh2.1 billion meant for healthcare projects due to corruption at the Health Ministry.

DSW Country Director, Evelyn Samba, said the move by the US government is likely to affect health service delivery to Kenyans seeking services at public facilities in the long term.

“Service delivery at national referral facilities such as KNH, managed by the national government, may suffer,” said Ms Samba.


“Delivery of timely, quality and effective services at national referral facilities owing to withdrawal of support for commodities, human resources and equipment affects treatment and management of non-communicable diseases like cancer.”

DSW is a German Foundation addressing sexual and reproductive Health and population changes in Kenya.

If the suspension is to go for an extended period, Ms Samba said it will likely slow policy implementation, which will directly delay the execution of emerging and current health interventions.

KNH chief executive, Lily Koros however said it is unlikely that the largest public facility in the country would be affected directly.

“The suspension is generally on Afya House. It does not affect us (KNH) directly, if anything the US government could have communicated to us directly,” said Ms Koros.