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Kwalanda: I’m still single

Media personality Tony Kwalanda has refuted claims he ‘swiftly’ moved on after breaking up with Joyce Maina, a colleague.

Kwalanda’s split with Maina after a publicized romantic affair and engagement between the pair has been the talk of the town in recent times and matters were not made easier when she elected to openly discuss most of the details on social media.

Kwalanda too has been sucked into the fiasco with photos on social media showing him getting cozy with a 24-year old woman who has since been identified as Yvonne Chaka on his 36th birthday.

But the sports anchor has since clarified in an online interview with Katanu Munyao that he is still single and that the said photos were taken in the heat of the moment.

Kwalanda adds that Chaka was just a super excited fan who met a celebrity.

“It was a blunder, and you know how ladies get very excited when they see a celebrity, So we took pictures and all over a sudden I see them on social media. But in reality, I’m not dating, and I don’t have any other girlfriend as we speak right now. That I can tell you without fear of contradiction,” he explained.

Kwalanda has also reserved praise for his ex-girlfriend, even suggesting the pair remain in good terms following the break-up.

“I am a very faithful person. However, as we came to learn each other, certain things came up… we had our own differences, and we sat down and we talked about it and mutual kama civilized human beings we talked and sort things out in a good way. We are good friends we talk because we shared a very good part of our love life, she knows a lot about me and I know a lot of her so tunaachana, but we are good friends, we talk, we work together in the same station” noted Kwalanda.

Maina has in a separate interview asked Kwalanda to delete all her photos on social media.