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Langiri: I’m now living my dream

There are people who probably know him for his online show In the Forest where he leaves his guests in awe by the audacity of his questions.

He also acted in Mashtaka and Mali TV series and recently in the House of Lungula film.

Gerald Langiri speaks about his life, upcoming wedding and career.

Congratulations on your engagement, so when is the wedding?

Thank you so much. The engagement has been a long time coming, we are now taking things slow – the planning and everything. I mean I just got engaged, would you guys at least let me enjoy it for a little while?

The proposal was quite epic, was it something you had planned all along?

Yes, I had planned to propose to Lynne (Jumba) and I wanted it to be a very big surprise, and that is when I thought that the best time would be after the premiere of the House of Lungula.

I remember having the ring and sweating like hell because there were so many people in the room who knew me, plus my fans and the media but I am glad she said yes — and why wouldn’t she, I know I am a good looking guy.

The House of Lungula is doing very well right now, did you know it would be this successful?

Yes, of course, the actors were carefully chosen for their roles and the story line is just perfect since so many Kenyans can relate to it in some kind of a way. Working with people like Ian Mbugua, Sarah Hassan, Lenana Karibe was just amazing.

Tell me about the In The Forest show?

The idea was mooted when we were shooting the House of Lungula film in Karura forest. I started the show some time last year because I felt it would give the public a chance to know their actors better.

I first floated the idea to some producers who didn’t like it and so I went back to the drawing board. That is when I decided to add humour by asking silly questions to make it more interesting. Luckily it appealed to one producer and that is how it began.

What about the content and questions you ask your guests?

It is adults only content because I thought it was one way of bringing humour to the show. Apart from this, people always see me as a serious guy and when I invite guests to the show they think that I will only ask serious questions which is not the case.

The questions are very random and also help people to know the other side of me because in all the drama series, I take on serious roles. Also, as you also know, controversy sells.

What are these serious roles?

I was a member of the high school drama club, but my first acting job was in 2011 in the TV series Mashtaka where I played the role of lawyer Langiri. Afterwards, I got a role in NTV’s Mali as lawyer Don.

Given a chance, would you be a lawyer in real life?

At some point I wanted to become one. As a kid I had always dreamt of being a doctor, a lawyer or a pilot. Although I did not pursue any of them, at least I am realising one of them through acting.

How do you prepare for these roles?

Well, apart from reading the scripts nothing much. I don’t know but people always tell me that I have a serious, mean facial appearance. I also love watching law movies and dramas like Boston Public, and Judge Judy which help me a lot in my work.

What next for you?

Right now I don’t know because before I wanted to be cast in a big drama series. I have accomplished that and now I am looking at new experiences. I know 2014 has big things lined up for me both professionally and personally.