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Liqour stores owner exercise caution amidst crackdown

The effects of the crackdown on illegal brew is being felt in Nairobi’s Eastlands with most liquor stores owners exercise precaution in the wake of a government crackdown on illegal brew.

On Friday most wines and spirit outlets in Umoja, Kayole and Tena estates remained closed after word went round that officers of the National Agency of Campaign Against Drugs Abuse (Nacada) were about to make a swoop on liquor stores in the area.

A spot check in Umoja 1, 2 and Innercore showed most bars and wines and spirits outlets remained shut for fear that they would be raided.

The government has started canceling licenses for a wide range of alcohol brands in the market in a countrywide crackdown targeting illegal liquor.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has also said that it will publish a list of all second generation brands that are not to be sold until they have been inspected and cleared.

Meanwhile, inspectors will remain on the lookout for drinks that are made with methanol, a lethal form of alcohol.