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Major highway to city temporarily cut off following heavy rains

Motorists using the Mai Mahiu – Suswa Road in Naivasha have been advised to be to use alternative routes after the busy highway was cut-off following heavy rains on Tuesday.

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) assistant director – corporate communication Charles Njogu has said traffic flow on a section of the road has been temporarily interrupted.

“KeNHA would like to alert all motorists driving along the Mai Mahiu – Suswa that following heavy rainfall experienced this afternoon, a section of the road near the SGR Crossing at KM23 from Mai Mahiu, just before Suswa, has been overtopped by floods, causing heavy siltation at the section,” read part of the statement.


KeNHA also cautioned motorists not to attempt to cross any bridges or sections of the road that are overtopped by water and to alert the authority on any traffic flow interruptions.

The authority further said it had mobilised two contractors to clear the heavy siltation and restore traffic flow.

In March, KeNHA advised motorists using the Mai Mahiu – Naivasha Road in Naivasha to be cautious after an earth tremor caused cracks on the busy road.

Last year, traffic on a section of the Mai Mahiu – Suswa road was disrupted after a volcanic fault line dipped sinking a section of the busy road.