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Man accused of sodomising 10-year-old daughter claims his wife framed him

By Joseph Ndunda October 29th, 2019 1 min read

A 37-year-old businessman on Monday denied charges of sodomising his 10-year-old daughter and accused his wife of making falsified claims against him after domestic wrangles.

Joseph Kasango who was arraigned before Makandara Law Courts claimed his wife has made similar false reports to police in the past and which were dropped for lack of evidence.

He is facing charges of incest and unnatural act with his daughter.

Kasango is accused of sodomising the minor on October 18 in his bedroom in Imara Daima Estate, Nairobi.

His wife had left their two children including the victim under his care as she went for kesha.

Kasango is alleged to have ordered the minor to his bedroom and when she declined he grabbed and forcibly carried her to his bed where he undressed and allegedly sodomised her.


The child’s mother claims she found her on her matrimonial bed and upon prodding, she explained what had happened.

Kasango is alleged to have attempted to run away before his wife grabbed him and frogmarched him to Villa Police Post.

In court the suspect said he was detained for 10 days in police custody.

He was freed on a bond of Sh 400,000 with a surety of similar amount. The hearing of the case starts on March, 2020.