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Singer Mary Ominde addresses claims of being beaten and starved by hubby

Singer Mary Atieno Ominde has dispelled rumours that her husband Bishop Alex Ominde has been abusing her.

In a short video clip, the singer says: “There is no day that my husband has ever beaten me and has never starved me so that is what I wanted to say and may god bless you we are still together we are still staying in Umoja.”

It starts by a man behind the camera says, “sawa (ok)” prompting her to start talking. It has been circulated widely with some users claiming it had been stage-managed.

Her body language in the video was ‘analysed’ by users who claimed that she seemed unhappy and forced to record the video.

Social media had been awash with allegations that the bishop had mistreated the blind singer and even left his matrimonial home.

Reports had originated from Facebook closed groups where members urged Kenyans to pray for the Adamu na Eva singer.

Mary sang the famous hit with her bishop husband who was accused of neglecting her in recent times.

But Bishop Ominde defended himself in a post that had the video attached dismissing the rumours as outrageous.

“So sorry to disappoint you, we are together as a family with our two daughters and son; we are doing the best we can as a family. Kindly pay us a visit in our humble house and you’ll be surprised you’ll separate fact from fiction,” he added.

Bishop Ominde then uploaded the video in which Mary said her husband still loves her.

Bishop Ominde called out netizens writing, “come to think of it, why would somebody wake up every day and try to break a marriage? For those who still value family, kindly stand up and be counted.”