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Frustrated M-Shwari customers lament over ‘missing’ cash

By HILARY KIMUYU December 28th, 2017 1 min read

Inconsistencies in M-Shwari account balances occasioned by system’s outage just before Christmas has caused an uproar among the mobile money service customers.

Even after the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) assured M-Shwari customer a return to normalcy of the service, most users are still unable to access their cash.

The service suffered a technical hitch which hindered its users from accessing it from 10pm on Sunday.

Customers trying to access their M-Shwari accounts on Wednesday reported delays and inconsistencies in their cash balances.


M-Shwari back after outage that ‘ruined’ customers’ Christmas

A number of them, who contacted both Safaricom and CBA, which runs the mobile accounts, were told they would have to wait for up to 72 hours before they could have “their issues resolved.”

Most took their frustrations and complaints to Safaricom’s Facebook page wondering why they couldn’t access their money.

Here are some comments from frustrated customers: