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MP shocks constituency WhatsApp group with lewd sex tips

A first-time MP shocked his constituents on social media after posting sex tips on a constituency WhatsApp group.

Mukurwe-ini MP Anthony Kiai alias Highflyer posted a lewd text that gave a blow-by-blow account on how to give a woman an “utterly fulfilling intimate time”.

The message posted on “Mukurwe-ini Newsroom Group” was written in Gikuyu language. It gave men tips on how to connect and satisfy a woman in bed.

The lawmaker, from what appears to be a message he innocently forwarded, describes how a man should undress and caress his woman.


It does not end there. Men are taken through the nitty-gritty of the love-making session.

The text also gives men advice of what to do after the session.

Upon realizing his mistake, Mr Kiai told the group’s members to ignore the message.

The group’s admin Bernard Chege said that he asked the MP to apologize for “naughty language”.

Instead the lawmaker’s personal assistant apologised to the group members.

“Of course we do not allow that kind of language but after we requested for an apology only the MP’s personal assistant responded,” he said.

Attempts to reach the MP for comment were unsuccessful as our calls went unanswered.

Some members of the group also demanded an apology from the MP for making “unacceptable statements”.

A Screenshot of the MP’s post has circulated widely on social media groups and sparked debates.

Mihango Wa Kiambati wrote on Facebook; “I keep saying, Nyeri elected (redacted) and funny characters as leaders. An MP in the so called Christian county where 80 per cent are in church today.”


Shiku Ngure wrote; “With such advice from an honourable MP, Mukurwe-ini men will up their game, do a survey after one month.”

But Linase Mwee took issue with those attacking the first-time MP.

“The MP is alright, why accuse him? There is nothing wrong in that. Is sex sin!!?? Don’t deny the facts friends. I don’t see anything wrong or misplaced there. The one who exposed it is the one misplaced,” she said.

Tonny Gachuru also defended the MP asserting that “we voted a human being not Angel nothing wrong unless we are pretending”.