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Mummie Francie hits back at fan for criticising her divorce jokes

By Freya Wanjiku November 15th, 2023 2 min read

TikTok star Mummie Francie has slammed a fan who criticised her for a divorce joke she made through a video. Mummie posted advising her man (Mbaba), whose real name is Godfrey Andy, that it would be wise to write his divorce wishes in a diary before the government increases rates for divorce.

Through the hilarious video, Mummie first spoke highly of her partner warming his heart with lovey-dovey before suggesting that she would preserve the diary with the details for his use on a later date.

“The marriage certificate is costly. If I lose my identity card, you can leave me. So before they get to divorce and make a kill out of it, we shall have planned. Do you think you can live with me for 10 years? Are you serious? Just write your wishes for your own benefit,” she said.

The joke received varying comments with some commending her for the hilarious approach while others felt offended by it. One fan told her, “Mummy I love you, Divorce is never a joke. The moment you mention divorce the heavens open and the angels are in surprise. Divorce is not a joke 🙌”

In a quick rejoinder, Mummie countered, “Eweeeeeeee you like carrying things to heart. Why don’t the heavens open when I pray about wealth, money, diamonds, and gold, and even cry pleading that my late mother comes back to life? If it was written that we will get married and when the time comes we shall part, it will be so even if I don’t do a video.”

The content creator has shot to fame after her video serenading her man went viral. She would then amass a huge following on all her social media platforms with many of them being wowed by her Swahili prowess and how she danced and played with Mbaba. However she is quick to respond to critics who spew negativity on her relationship and life in general in equal measure.

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