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How Mutahi Ngunyi celebrated Miguna’s detention

By CHAD KITUNDU February 5th, 2018 1 min read

Government leaning political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi threw a jibe at self-declared NRM general Miguna Miguna that seemingly celebrated the latter’s arrest and detention at the weekend.

In a distasteful and callous post on Twitter, Ngunyi offered to send Miguna two of his best selling books to keep him busy in police cell.

Miguna, the author of Peeling Back The Mask and Kidneys for the King, was arrested on Friday at his Runda home in Nairobi and detained in police cells for the weekend.

According to DCI George Kinoti, the National Resistance Movements (NRM) ‘General’ was arrested for administering an illegal oath and for being a member of an outlawed organisation.


Although the court issued an order late on Friday to have Miguna released on a Sh50,000 cash bail, the police defied the orders and reportedly kept moving from him one police station to another.

On Sunday afternoon word went round on social media that the fiery lawyer had fallen sick in police cell but that police were reluctant to release him.