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Mwai Kibaki’s famous quotes

The late Mwai Kibaki who served as the third President of Kenya has passed on.

He will be remembered for many things, including thought-provoking photos.

died on Friday, April 22, 2022, and is known to be a leader who made great political quotes.

Here are some of them.

1. Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.

2. May hard work, and justice, always cement our bonds of unity that we may get our country back to production.

3. You have asked me to lead this nation out of the present wilderness and malaise onto the Promised Land, and I shall do so; I shall do so; I shall offer a responsive, transparent, and innovative leadership.

4. We call upon all warring parties in the world to lay down their arms and pursue the path of peace, dialogue, and inclusive resolution of disputes.

5. Only by addressing the root causes of conflict and disputes can we hope to find lasting peace in a just and equitable world.

6. It is our belief that nations should embrace dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes instead of rushing to arms, for suffering and bloodshed will ensue.

7. The government will no longer be run on the whims of individuals.

8. The era of roadside decisions and declarations has gone. My government’s decisions will be guided by teamwork and consultations.

9. I am inheriting a country that has been badly ravaged by years of misrule and ineptitude. There has been a wide disconnect between the people and the government.

10. The constitution is the ultimate custodian of social will and its making should be accorded all due diligence.

11. I promise not to let you down. I will be your servant with all humility and gratitude.

12. We wish to firmly demonstrate to the world our determination to eliminate all forms of illegal trade in ivory. Poachers and illegal trades in ivory must know that their days are numbered.