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Nairobians wonder why Sonko allowed complex to be built in CBD then demolish it

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is under fire fire for ordering the demolition of Pimp My Ride complex in the city centre on Monday.

Sonko had on Saturday halted the demolition of a Church and school in Buruburu and promised to target the property of the man behind the demolition.

According to Sonko, the man is a well-known land grabber who uses court orders to take over lands in Nairobi.

“Just like he has demolished this Church, his car wash (Pimp My Ride garage) which doesn’t have city approvals will go down as well,” said Sonko.

True to his word, the excavator rolled in on Monday Morning the demolished the complex.

Nairobians are however wondering why the governor allowed for the Pimp My Ride complex to be operational in the first place, just a few meters from his office, without the necessary approvals.