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Daredevil stuntman or Nairobi’s most reckless tout? – VIDEO

A daredevil tout has left Kenyans mesmerized yet at the same time wondering whether he is the most reckless of their lot on Kenyan roads.

This in the wake of a viral video showing the unidentified tout pulling spine-chilling ‘spiderman-like’ stunts from the door of a speeding matatu.

In the video, the tout is seen hanging on the door frame of the matatu before suddenly hoisting himself horizontally and then ‘running’ across the windows of another matatu which is moving in the same direction.


His stunts have left many people on social media stunned by his level of recklessness

Some users even tagged the National Police Service, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), requesting them to take action on the said tout for endangering his life.

Touts across the country are infamous for their tendency to showcase risky stunts from the doorways of speeding Public Service Vehicles.


In 2014, a minibus tout died instantly after he lost grip while hanging from the door frame of the moving bus and being run over by two vehicles.

Witnesses at the time claimed that the tout had been repeatedly warned by passengers against swinging himself on the door frame.

Cases of touts dangerously hanging from or jumping off moving matatus are a commonplace on many roads in Nairobi.