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Why some Nasa supporters not happy with Raila court move

By NATION TEAM August 17th, 2017 2 min read

A section of Nasa supporters in the North Rift have expressed their disappointment after opposition leader Raila Odinga announced that he will challenge the presidential results in the Supreme Court.

“As supporters of Raila we do not appreciate his move to seek justice in a court we have no confidence in. Why and what is he going to do in the Supreme Court? You went to the same court in 2013 what justice did you get? We were ready to hold demonstrations and mass protests because that is the only language the government and people of Kenya understand,” said Justus Okello, an Eldoret resident.

“Mr Odinga has let us down because we came out to support him so that he can bring change to our country. As a veteran leader, he should have shown us a better move because the court is definitely going to disappoint us,” said Vincent Miyeso a trader in Eldoret town.


Some, however, praised him for sticking to the Constitution, saying he was the one who pushed for it and should respect it

“Mr Odinga has found himself in a twist. He is a strong defender of the Constitution that he has to respect. I think that the court is the last option so I want to congratulate him for his move because at the end of the day he has to think about Kenyans and himself ,” said Brian Ngaira.

In Kisumu, Ugunja MP and ODM secretary of elections said: “It is the most strategic move in the current circumstances. However, it remains just one of the many options still available to Nasa. In the end, the truth must come out and justice must be done.”

Former Jubilee nominated Senator Joy Gwendo said: “Kenya is a democratic country and Nasa leaders are within their democratic rights to go to any court they deem fit as long as no more innocent blood is shed and they will accept the outcome of the court and let the country regain its economic strength. We are wasting valuable time already.”


A section of leaders in Rift Valley have welcomed the move by Nasa principals.

The leaders, mostly from Jubilee party, hailed the move as a civilised way of seeking justice other than calling for mass action.

Elegyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, his Kericho counterpart Aaron Cheruiyot and the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation Chairman Julius Kones took to social media to express their views.

On Twitter, Mr Murkomen said the court was bound to confirm Mr Kenyatta’s win.

Dr Kones said: “Nasa’s move to go to court is welcome. This is what the whole world has been urging them to do. Kenya setting the pace…”

Mr Cheruiyot lauded Mr Odinga’s move as good for the country.