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Nurse turns up for work in a drunken stupor to attend to expectant woman – VIDEO

A male nurse at a health center in Tana River county has been suspended for showing up at work drunk as a skunk.

To make matters worse, the drunk nurse even attempted to attend to an expectant mother in his inebriated state.

A video, which captured the Saturday night incident, shows the drunk nurse repeatedly falling over himself inside the health facility.


Tana River County Health Department on Monday said the nurse, who works at Garsen Health Center, has been promptly suspended.

In the clip, which has been widely shared on social media, a male voice is heard urging the nurse to get up and leave the delivery room where a pregnant woman was giving birth.


The nurse, who is on the floor, can be seen trying to take out the latex glove from his left hand and unsteadily tries to stand but someone else shoves him and he goes back to the ground where he remains until the clip comes to an end.

Tana River Health CEC Mwanajuma Hiribae on Monday apologized for the incident and confirmed that the nurse has already been suspended.