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Nyagah’s last wishes

By Amina Wako December 18th, 2020 1 min read

Fallen politician Joe Nyagah requested his family to select clothes from his wardrobe to bury him in.

Nyaga, a veteran politician who once contested for the presidency, succumbed to Covid-19 related complications at Nairobi hospital.

He will be buried on Saturday at his Kamutungi farm in Mbeere South Constituency, Embu County.

Nyaga’s last wishes were communicated to the public by his brother Norman, who is the family spokesperson.

Norman noted the deceased’s eldest son Jeremiah John Mwaniki Nyagah has been tasked to iron the selected clothes.

The public will not be allowed to view the body.

Nyagah will be buried next to his grandfather’s grave facing the hills of Mbeere as per his wishes.

At the family grave-site also lies the remains of their father Jeremiah Nyagah, a veteran politician and his wife, and his brother, Zachariah.

ACK Nairobi Bishop Rev Joel Waweru would lead the final funeral rites.

About 1000 mourners, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga, are expected at the burial which the family maintains will be conducted in strict adherence to the Covid-19 related protocols.