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Octopizzo brags of his abroad shows

By THOMAS MATIKO December 5th, 2018 1 min read

Self-proclaimed Kibera’s finest Octopizzo has defused the notion that he can’t rap in English.

He argues that no Kenyan rapper has performed in as many shows abroad than him.

There has been a narrative that Octoppizo is not fluent in English. However the ‘Oliel’ rapper says he doesn’t need to rap in English and  he doesn’t see any rapper in the country who matches up to his success.

“Mbona Jay Z huwa harap na Kiswahili. Halafu kwanza hawa marapa Wakenya wanarap na English hakuna mwenye amepiga shows majuu (abroad) kuniliko. Hakuna,” Octoppizo claimed.

Octopizzo is known for his mastery use of sheng in his killer punch lines.

The rapper does not think those who sing in English hold any edge over their Swahili and Sheng counterparts.

“English is not a measure of intelligence. I don’t need to rap in English. I rap like I do because am selling me.” He added.

Recently Octoppizo was accused of buying YouTube views for his ‘Oliel’ song.

The rapper however downplayed the issue insisting that his music is just good and haters can’t just keep calm.