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Govt explains why Outer Ring road does not have bus stops

Angry Nairobians camped on Twitter questioning why newly constructed Outer Ring road has no bus stops forcing the relevant government agency to explain.

The discussion started from road designs that lack sidewalks and proceeded to deconstruct the Sh8.4 billion road that has seen one lane near Kariobangi South illegally converted into a bus stop.

Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), however, explained that the road was still under construction and that bus stops would be done in due course.

“It is wrong to say Outer Ring road was constructed without bus stops yet the road is still under construction. Kindly be patient once the road is complete there will be bus stops at designated sections,” tweeted KURA .

The authority had weeks earlier stated that it had resolved the land acquisition issue at Taj Mall and that the poor drainage affecting Outer Ring road at that section would be sorted.

“We have resolved a land acquisition challenge on the road and will soon have earthworks to clear drainage and complete the service lane from Taj Mall,” said KURA in response to an enquiry. The Authority did not clarify on what the resolution .

Footbridges along the road have also started being constructed as the road nears the July scheduled completion.


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