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Passaris explains the cause of her beef with Sonko

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has shed some light on the context of Governor Mike Sonko’s public outburst directed at her during the Madaraka Day celebrations which saw her storming out of the event held at Pumwani Police Grounds on Saturday.

While attending the Groove Awards gala night on Saturday night, Passaris said she has been pleading with the governor to approve the implementation of projects that she wants to work without any success.

“I have been running around his office from one person to another to get this letter for the last four weeks now,” said Passaris.


Passaris further explained that the National Government Affirmative Action Fund board that manages the kitty allocated to Woman Representatives needed Sonko’s approval to fund her projects.

“Nairobi county has a lot of money that comes from the government, to help the poor people in Kenya but we cannot get any authority from the GAAF board without the approval of the county government,” she said.

During the morning incident, Sonko had told Passaris to stop going round saying that he does not answer her phone calls.


“Ume complain simu zako sishiki… nikiwa kwa mkutano kama hii, siwezi shika simu, sababu iko pale nyuma… hata mimi saa zengine napigia Rais hashiki simu, na siwezi complain, because he is a busy president. Kwa hivyo mimi sio bwana yako ati nishike simu saa ile wewe unataka! Kwa hivo hapo tuheshimiane,” Sonko said.

But in her response, Passaris regretted that the governor had resorted to public insults, saying that Sonko knew her spouse very well.

“He said that my projects were good because I shared them with him but it is unfortunate that he had to go that low knowing that he knows my husband to say he’s not my husband,” she added.