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Picture with Uhuru cost me ANC primaries, claims Vihiga woman -VIDEO

It is everyone’s dream to get a photo opportunity with the president. But for one woman in Vihiga, a photo she took with President Uhuru Kenyatta became a liability instead of an asset, or so she claims.

The unidentified woman was caught on video wailing outside a gate that she lost in the just concluded Amani National Congress (ANC) primaries because of the picture she took with the head of state.

She vied and lost in the ANC Woman Representative’s contest.

In the video, she is heard saying: “Uhuru Kenyatta made me lose the ANC primaries. Now I’ve been left an orphan.”

She goes on: “Maskini hatakikani kuonana na wewe. Uhuru Kenyatta nisaidie. Uhuru Kenyatta na Ruto nisaidieni. Nimwekuwa sumu kwa watu; hawakutambui wewe ni president Uhuru Kenyatta.”

The Nairobi News could not authenticate the woman’s claims.

Headed by Musalia Mudavadi, ANC is part of the National Super Alliance which will seek to oust president Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto in the August election.

Watch the video: