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Police probe senior officer who attempted to sodomise driver

Police have launched investigations into an incident in which a senior police officer is said to have attempted to sodomise his driver last week at Vigilance House.

According to a report made in the Occurrence Book (OB) at the Vigilance House, the driver said that he was called to the office on fifth floor by the officer, a Superitendent of Police (SP), who gave him a cup of tea.

However, after taking the tea, he lost consciousness.

He reported that when he later regained consciousness, he realized that the senior officer had remove his clothes. He dashed to the door but his boss had locked the door and removed the key.

The Constable then went to the window and shouted for help, prompting his colleagues to rush upstairs to the fourth floor and forced the senior officer to open the door.

On Saturday, the OB was removed from room 601 after officers from other stations thronged the police headquarters to read the entry.

A senior police officer has since dismissed earlier reports that the driver had been transferred.

“He is a police driver and all drivers are under the Transport Pool at Industrial Area,” the officer said.

Another report shows that some police officers have formed an association of gay officers to advocate for their rights. Most of the officers are said to be those working in the Coast region.

The senior officer being investigated was transferred to the Transport section at the police headquarters from Turkana early this year.