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Police officer says he believes Prophet Owuor resurrected woman – VIDEO

A police officer on Sunday shocked Nairobians when he led faithful of the Repentance and Holiness Church in celebrating the alleged resurrection of a woman who had been prayed for by self-proclaimed prophet, David Owuor.

Dressed in full uniform including a reflector jacket, Corporal Jonas Sakwa held a microphone and led the crowd in song and dance before preaching for them at Kimathi Street.

The officer who works at the CCTV Control Centre at Jogoo House said that he believed that truly, Mama Rosa from Cheparten village, in West Pokot County had resurrected.


“This is a sign of the work that God can do. He is using the mighty prophet of the lord to show us that indeed he is powerful,” he said, as the large crowd cheered in unison.

The officer, who is married with three children, said he used the opportunity to preach as he was done with his shift at work.

“I cannot possibly be here if I was on duty. I had my uniform on when I joined the crowd. In fact, people respect me when they see me in uniform preaching the word of God,” he said during an interview after the street march.

He said he was convinced, ‘as a person who trained in Kiganjo and with a lot of knowledge on investigation’, that the woman indeed resurrected.


“These are the last days, we must all repent and turn to God. He says in his word that during the last days, he would send his prophets and he has sent him already. This country needs God, we need to turn away from hatred and evil,” he said with accolades to the renowned Prophet.

The Corporal, who is also a pastor, said he started preaching in 2006 at a church in Nairobi, before he discovered the Holiness and Repentance Ministries, which he says, preaches the true teachings of the Bible. He joined the church in 2011 and was given a leadership position.

Faithful who attend the church have for the last two weeks been marching in the streets of Nairobi and other towns with banners and placards written that the woman resurrected after the prophet’s prayers.

“We are also preaching peace, because hatred and other ills that come with elections are not acceptable to God,” he said.

He said the church which has over 40 churches in Nairobi, was planning to hold a peace rally in Nairobi this month, as the country progresses towards the general elections.