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Busted! Police officer caught on tape demanding bribe from motorist – VIDEO

By HILARY KIMUYU January 20th, 2018 2 min read

An undated video clip has emerged showing a Kenyan traffic police officer shamelessly soliciting for a bribe from a motorist.

The video, which has been shared on social media, captures the officer negotiating for his take as the driver asks what offense he has committed.

In the video, that seems to have been filmed by a passenger on the vehicle’s back seat, the driver is heard identifying himself as a Masters student from Makerere University who is in Kenya for an engineering project with his professor.

He tries in vain to beg the officer to pardon him but the officer keeps saying he will have to charge him.

This is how part of their conversation goes:

Motorist: Sir, I’m sorry… honestly, Ive been trying to follow speed…

Police officer: So you want us to do what? To clear what?

Motorist: I’m just asking you to give me a break. I’m not going to do it again.

Police officer: I’ve gone to Kampala twice. Can you tell a police officer like that? Because in Kampala there is an army officer, traffic and revenue officer, isn’t it? They are standing three people… cash, instant. Is it right, or I’m wrong?

Motorist: You’re very right.

Police officer: Yes!

Motorist: Officer, this is my first time of coming through Kenya… I’m only going…

Police officer: Bring bring bring money…

The officer then leans into the passenger window while demanding for the cash bribe. He even warns the motorist against giving him ‘small money’.

“Not those small money, we don’t take those small small money. If you have Sh2,000 I’ll take,” he tells the motorist who is seen fumbling with his wallet.

But the motorist pleads on, saying he doesn’t have that amount of cash on him.

While the driver is counting the cash, the officer tells him to make it quick, but eventually takes what he’s offered.

Satisfied with his loot, the officer dismisses the motorist telling him that he doesn’t want to make life difficult because he is a visitor.