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Police on the trail of notorious Huruma gang

Police are looking for an organised gang operating in Huruma suspected to be behind a series of mugging, murders and robberies.

The gang calling itself ‘Huruma4’ is also said to be hiring guns to boys who in turn commit crime.

One of its leaders was shot dead by police and a loaded pistol found on his body according to Starehe OCPD, Baraza Wabomba.

“The man and three others were attacking and threatening the public in Kiamaiko before a distress call was made to Huruma Police station.

When we arrived on the scene, the victim shot at the police but was overwhelmed,” Mr Wabomba said.

He confirmed that the police had been looking for the suspect and his gang but had been unable to penetrate the crowded slum.

Huruma residents said they did not know the gang, but their attacks were frequent.

“If the public collaborates with the police, it will be easier to track them down,” Mr Wabomba.

Provincial Chief Investigation Officer, Nicholas Kamwende said he did not have information about how the criminal gang operated but admitted that organised criminal gangs posed a great challenge into fighting crime in the city.

In the past few months, crime in the county has escalated. Some gangs armed with machetes have been targeting petrol stations. Police said they were trying to come up with measures to counter the attacks.

Last year’s crime report warned that the increase of organised criminal gangs was a serious threat to Nairobi’s security.