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Prison warder arrested over Kirinyaga Deputy Governor sex video

A prison warder has been arrested over the infamous video that captured a naked Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri being assaulted by a group of men.

The man, whose identity is yet to be revealed by the authorities, was arrested in a police station in Mwea where he had gone to make a traffic report on an accident he was involved in on Wednesday night.

He was identified by an officer at the station before a scuffle ensued as he attempted to flee. But he was subdued and restrained.

The suspect was wearing the same clothes as he was filmed wearing in the video.


Kirinyaga County Commissioner Mohamed Birik said the man has been transferred to Thika Police Station for interrogation.

“It is true. A man has been arrested in Mwea over the said video. He has been handed over to the investigating team,” Mr Birik said.

Police sources said that the prison warder is attached to Olkalou Prisons but has a home in Mwea. He is suspected to be one of the men captured in the video assaulting Ndambiri.

The Deputy Governor has since come out to explain that he is a victim of an extortion gang which set him up.

Police are still pursuing the other suspects linked to the video.