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Ringtone: I did not have sex with Angel

By MERCY NJOKI October 16th, 2015 1 min read

Gospel musician Ringtone has denied allegations that he impregnated a 22 year old woman only identified as Angel.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Ringtone said the accusations are part of a scheme by his enemies in the industry to tarnish his name.

“This girl, whom I’ve only met once before, happens to be one of my fans and not my girlfriend as she so claims,” Ringtone said without clarifying the circumstances under which he met the woman.

“These allegations have no ground. The girl is simply seeking attention by using my name. But my legal team is ready for the case,” he added.

The musician has in recent days been entangled in a conflict with Music Copyright Society of Kenya.

Angela, who claims to have in her possession recordings of a conversation between her and the musician, alleges that Ringtone used to take him to his house in Karen and they would get intimate, claims which the artiste denies.

“I’ve never had a sexual contact with with her. She might have come to my house but not by my invitation,” he said. “I know that God will fight for me and the truth will come out. It’s a temptation that I will endure gracefully.”