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Robert Alai roasted for linking rapist ‘doctor’ to Uhuru

By HILARY KIMUYU September 8th, 2015 2 min read

Controversial blogger Robert Alai is the centre of an online storm yet again after linking a man accused of drugging and raping patients to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The man, Mugo wa Wairimu, was the subject of a disturbing television expose on the activities in his clinic

The expose trended online under the hashtag #DoctoredAbuse.

Mugo wa Wairimu had posted on his Facebook blog in 2014 that Kenya should introduce castration for all rapist. This was after Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu proposed castration as a way of punishing and deterring rapist.

He claims to be a social justice activist but has often been cited for spewing tribal vitriol on his Facebook page.

So when controversial blogger Robert Alai tweeted that the only reason why the man has not been arrested is because he is a staunch supporter of the President, some Kenyans didn’t like it.

Robert Alai wrote: “The reason why #MUGOwaWairimu is free is because he is a staunch supporter of the President. #DoctoredAbuse.”

KOT reacted as they always do.

A Twitter user (@Niqo85) said: “@RobertAlai surely ata kama you dont like Uhuru,how does he find himeslf in these saga. Must every be politics Alai. sometimes be serious.”

Esther Kariuki said; “@RobertAlai smtimes I differ with u on ideas and still respect u but today, all that respect is gone. U hav stooped too low.”

Daniel Chege was also unimpressed: “@danchero @RobertAlai must you always drag your mediocre politics in everything?!shame on you” while Gideon Chomba said, “@gchomba @RobertAlai I think u need to see a psychiatric, Thats being tribal grow up man”

Another user francis Muthaka said: “@FMuthaka @RobertAlai everything negative happens because of uhuru and everything positive happens because of ‘baba’. Childish politics.”

Eric Mbugua weighed in, “@robertalai you don’t have to be that stupid,” while Mugambi (@Jeffmugambi) said “@robertalai NKT in everything u av to drag the name of president.looser #DoctoredAbuse (sic).”