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Ex-SA rugby player storms out of live SuperSport show in dramatic studio tiff – VIDEO

Pay-TV Channel SuperSport have denied reports one of their presenters was racially abused prompting him to storm out of the studio in the middle of a show he was presenting.

Former South African rugby player turned pundit Ashwin Willemse caused a scene when he walked out of the studio live on air following a disagreement with his colleagues.

Apparently, Willemse was angered by remarks attributed to two of his co-pundits to the effect that he was a ‘quota’ player during his playing career.

“I’ve worked hard to earn my own respect in this thing, so I’m not gonna be patronized by two individuals who played in an apartheid-segregated era… I can’t work with people who undermine other people… you can sit and laugh about it but its fine… I don’t mind being ridiculous… I’m glad it happened on air so that people can see,” visibly Willemse annoyed said as he walked over to where his co-hosts were seated depositing his notes.


Willemse, who won 19 caps for the Springboks, spoke to camera regarding how he was perceived as a quota player during his professional career and that he refused to be made fun of, before dramatically walking off the set.

But SuperSport CEO Gideon Khobane has since refuted claims that Willemse was racially abused on air.

“We are positive that this was not a racially motivated issue because all parties were very courteous during our discussions that started this morning. We still have time to investigate deeper on what actually happened because nobody just leaves a live production,” he said.

The Willemse incident happened as the trio were reviewing a match in which Golden Lions defeated ACT Brumbies 42-24 at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

Black players were barred from representing the Springboks during apartheid era, yet even in the present day post-apartheid era, White players still continue to dominate the South Africa national rugby team.