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Sam Nyamweya urges government for CFA inclusion in FKF polls

By Mercy Simiyu January 27th, 2024 2 min read

Football stakeholders have urged the government to allow County Football Associations (CFA) participate in the forthcoming Football Kenya Federation (FKF) polls.

Led by former FKF president Sam Nyamweya, the stakeholders believe the move will ensure the polls, scheduled for October 2024 are all inclusive.

Even though it is duly registered by government of Kenya and conducts its activities, including organizing league matches locally, the CFA is yet to be recognised by Fifa, football’s world governing body, hence limiting its influence to the local scene.

“Madam Registrar, County Football Associations as entities have been representing football interests at the county level in Kenya,” said Nyamweya in a letter addressed to Sports Registrar Rose Wasike.

“There has been a tussle on who should manage football at the grassroots. CFAs are registered by the Sports Registrar as per the act. FKF is also a national body duly registered under law and governs football across the country through its administrative units known as branches. These are children of the same family. At the branch level both CFA members and FKF members should be allowed to participate in one election managed by FKF and have one branch leadership that will be under FKF. This will collapse the rivalry and impasse at the branch level and have a seamless management of football across the country.”

Nyamweya added: “Football plays a significant role in fostering unity in Kenya. The sport has the power to bring people together, irrespective of their cultural, social, or economic backgrounds. In a country as diverse as Kenya, where there are numerous ethnic groups and languages spoken, football has the potential to serve as a unifying force. It provides a platform for individuals from different walks of life to come together, support a common cause, and celebrate shared achievements. This not only promotes national cohesion but also contributes to the overall social fabric of the nation.”

Considering his experience and vast networks on both the political front and international scene, Nyamweya is considered among the contenders for the FKF seat when the polls are held.

Other aspirants include former footballers Samuel Owino Kempes and Macdonald Mariga, Hussein Mohammed – who lost to Nyamweya in the 2011 polls – former FKF vice-president Twaha Mbarak and Gor Mahia secretary general Sam Ocholla.

Incumbent Nick Mwendwa is barred from contesting by the Kenyan law from contesting, having already served two terms, a move insiders say opens the door for FKF general secretary Barry Otieno to vie.

The next FKF president has his hands full. He is expected to not only help grow the game whose stands are at an all time low, but also aid the government in organizing both the 2024 Africa Nations Championship and 2027 Africa Cup of Nations.

Kenya alongside East African neighbours Uganda and Tanzania have been granted the hosting rights for these international assignments.