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Samidoh throws baby mama Karen Nyamu under the bus

Mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh has broken the silence regarding his relationship with baby mama Karen Nyamu, suggesting the duo’s interests end at co-parenting.

Samidoh, who is currently on a tour of the USA, referred to Nyamu, a city politician, as ‘the mother of my child.

“She (Nyamu) is the mother of my child,” explained the smiling Samidoh with AFLicker TV, in Texas.

The vernacular singer also appeared to suggest he was undergoing challenges in his private life that have been linked to the emergence of Nyamu plus the presence of his wife and two kids.

“There is something life has taught me, about the principal of a hole, or a pit. When you find yourself in a hole or a pit, the first thing you do is, you stop digging, so you can figure out how to get out of that pit,” he narrated.

The musician’s explanation is certain to take Nyamu back to the drawing board, coming days after she publicly asked her baby daddy to ‘protect’ her from social media bullies and trolls, most of whom refer to her as a home breaker.

From posting pictures of boarding passes to threatening to sue him for domestic violence and one suggesting she is his wife number two, Nyamu appears bent on showing the world that she is still in a romantic relationship with her baby daddy.

The latest trolls came when media reports indicated Nyamu and Samidoh left the country together for Dubai before she went to Turkey while he connected to the USA.

The two have had their ups and downs in the recent past, ever since she publicly announced he is the father of his newborn, forcing Samidoh to accept responsibility and apologize to his immediate family and the public for the ‘mistake’.

And in August, Nyamu accused Samidoh of physically assaulting her during a live Instagram session and also mentioned she was expecting baby number two with the singer.

Meanwhile, Samidoh’s tour of the USA is proving successful after he performed before a sold-out event in Texas.

He is also expected to perform in, Houston, Boston, Birmingham, Atlanta, Seattle, and New Jersey.