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Savara opens up about relationship with longtime partner Yvonne

Music producer and vocalist Savara Mudigi has people wondering whether he is, indeed, legally married.

In recent interviews, the Sauti Sol band member has been referring to his longtime partner Yvonne Endo as his “wife”. The couple have been together for seven years, and Nairobi News understands that they have yet to formally tie the knot.

“Whether we are married or dating, the public can define it however they want. I am not interested with this nonsense of over-defining things, that’s on the public not on me,” Savara said.

From his perspective, the most important aspect of a relationship is how one chooses to love.

“How I want to love someone, should be on my own terms and not what the society or public perceives to be the ideal way. Choose who to love, how to love and where to love,” Savara added.

The couple first met in 2018 at the Africa Nouveou Festival in Nairobi, where Sauti Sol was performing. Endo and her sister had attended the event.

The ladies were leaving the event when they bumped into Savara, who introduced himself and asked for Yvonne’s phone number, which she did not hesitate to give.

When they began their romance, they chose to keep it under wraps from the public eye, and after a few years, went public with their union.

“Yvonne is my girl, my lover, my rock and my best friend. That day I spotted two beautiful ladies, and because I was tipsy, I approached her and asked for her number though I don’t remember most of the conversation,” Savara said of their first encounter.